Solutions for a bored or depressed cat

Cats get depressed after changes in their environment or routines.

The body language of the cat should show you if your cat is bored.

Some common examples of these changes are: adding another animal to the home, moving to a new home, introducing new people to the family, or losing an animal friend.

The way different cats cope with these changes varies a lot. 

Solutions for a bored or depressed cat

Cat Boredom

Some cats take it all in their stride, while others become very depressed and lethargic. 

If you think your cat is depressed following a drastic life change such as loss or shock, you should go to the vet, but in the meantime, you can try the following:

Our solutions for a bored or depressed cat

More attention

In addition to more exercise, depressed cats benefit from more cuddles and playtime.  The best way for carers to help bored or depressed cats is to spend quality time together. 

Cats enjoy feeling loved and wanted, making them feel part of a strong and united family full of affection.

Play with your cat on a daily basis and show affection at every opportunity.

More toys

Cats with more energy or who enjoy playing should have an assortment of toys. 

These could be as simple as paper bags with foil balls inside, sheets of newspaper laid on the floor, or boxes to hide in…  a good tip is to hide half the toys and alternate to stop the cat from becoming bored.

The best cat toy is undoubtedly the fishing rod as you too can participate in the game.  Biting toys and battery-operated toys are a great choice for cats to practise hunting skills.

Increase the vertical space

Cats like to be able to access high places and are more comfortable when they can escape stressful situations and feel more secure. 

Cats love vertical space where they can overlook their environment and if they can’t, it’s likely to cause them some stress. Provide your cat with a scratcher with holes and platforms to keep them reassured.

Cat trees have a surface that cats prefer, rough, hard, and with great friction to create a feeling of pleasure when grinding. 

You can choose between horizontal or vertical cat trees.

Cat trees are important to shrop away old claw sheaths while encouraging the cat to fully stretch and tone its muscles.

The Environment

Enrich the home with new stimuli: music and TV, games, walks on a lead, food, other people… If your cat feels more fulfilled it will help to shake off its boredom.

Exposure to the sun will also provide your cat with extra energy, and vitamins. 

There is nothing like a sunny window sill to stimulate and engage cats.

Cats have no control over their food, water, bed and litter tray placement and this is quite unnatural for them.

They also do not prefer to share these resources.

If you have multiple cats at home, it is better to provide them all with their own separate bowls, litter trays and bedding.

Remember to keep their food and water bowls separate as cats don’t like drinking next to food and vice versa.

Use catnip to encourage psychological stimulation.

Natural calmers such as Feliway or Pet Remedy are perfect to destress cats and foster friendly feelings.

If your cat spends many hours alone, it is a good idea to consider a companion so your cat can have hours of company and fun.

Animal shelters can assist in choosing the ideal companion to adopt.

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