Little Black Dog Guernsey Rescue and Adoption

Little Black Dog Guernsey Rescue and Adoption is a Guernsey registered charity which was created in 2017.  It is run by a small team of ladies, with many more helpers behind the scenes.

The sole aim of the charity is to rescue abandoned dogs from Spain working in conjunction with SCAN (Society for the Care of Animals in Need) which rescues dogs and cats. SCAN take dogs and cats into their rescue shelter in Spain, often saving them from having to enter the kill stations.

The organisation Little Black Dog Guernsey

SCAN assess the dogs and cats, provides rehabilitation if required and also brings the animals back to good health if necessary. They ensure that all the necessary veterinary requirements are undertaken under their supervision, in order for their animals to meet all medical requirements to be adopted in Guernsey.

SCAN take care of all the technicalities, paperwork and travel arrangements in order to arrange the delivery of rescue dogs to their new adopters in Guernsey. All the rescue dogs are blood tested, vaccinated, neutered or spayed (if old enough), rabies inoculated, treated for worms, ticks, and fleas and are microchipped and vaccinated against Leishmaniosis.

Both SCAN and Little Black Dog work closely with the State of Guernsey veterinarian department, not only adhering to all the mandatory medical requirements regarding the importation of dogs, but also to additional tests and treatments which they suggest.

Little Black Dog take care of the home checks locally and in conjunction with SCAN, the matching and suitability of dogs to new adopters and the final placement of dogs.  All the adoption arrangements are put in place, with photos of adopted dogs and updates whilst awaiting arrival.

Full follow-up and assistance to any dogs placed in Guernsey are offered.  For anyone interested in adopting a dog from Spain but wishing to avoid all the complications of medical and transport arrangements, Little Black Dog is the solution.

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