Protect Animals, Now or Never. State Animal Protection Law

I have lived in Spain for 30 years.  The hunting lobby is responsible for more animal cruelty and death than any other sector in Spain.

They enjoy the protection of outdated laws from 40 years ago, which allow them to commit terrible atrocities against hunting dogs, with total impunity.

Every year, they breed puppies en mass, to later kill those not sold.

 At the end of the hunting season the dogs are discarded, and hung from trees or thrown into wells. Those dogs considered useful, and not killed, live in horrific conditions, crammed into boxes and left in dark sheds.

Knee deep in excrement and half starved, seeing the sun only the hours outside on hunts.

The hunters amputate the tails and ears without anaesthetic.

Sick dogs are never treated, and are left to die or are killed.

Protect Animals

Protect Animals

 In September a new landmark law was passed in Spain, giving ALL animals protection against cruelty.

The governing PSOE now wants to amend this law to discriminate against hunting dogs and exclude them from protection.

This condemns tens of thousands of dogs to cruelty, torture and death every year.

Please, on behalf of the majority of people who either have a dog, or love dogs, would you sign and share the petition below.

Protect Animals We demand its withdrawal.

On September 9, the Bureau of Congress qualified the Animal Protection Bill. A project that should be a historic step against animal abuse. Parliamentary groups such as the PSOE or VOX are presenting amendments to dismantle animal protection and shield abuse practices. We cannot consent to it, we have to continue adding and that Congress listens to us and does not give in to lobbies such as hunting.

Now the future of this law is in the hands of Congress.

Sign to call for a comprehensive state law that protects all companion and wild animals in captivity and that eradicates sinister practices such as cockfighting or pigeon shooting.

Because all dogs deserve protection without exception.


❌ That dogs and cats continue to be killed in kennels. Sacrifice 0 should already be a reality.

❌ That dogs do not have the same rights are used for what they are used and cats live where they live.

❌ That practices such as pigeon shooting, the organization and promotion of animal fights (roosters, pigeons …), exploitation and abuses in carousels, fairs, circuses, etc. remain in force.

❌ That animals that inhabit cities be exterminated. We advocate for a comprehensive ethical management of native wild birds. A population management of animals with which we cohabit in our environment, but without killings, emphasizing prevention and human actions (irresponsible ownership, trafficking of so-called exotic animals, etc.), and using non-lethal methods and without confinement as a response.

❌ That municipalities shirk their responsibilities in the management and care of homeless cats. It is essential to implement the CER (Capture Sterilization Return) and Welfare of Feline Colonies.

❌ That it remains legal that there are unidentified pets, thus facilitating abandonment, unpunished abuse, loss, etc.

These are just some basic points since the lack of protection, abuse and violence that are exercised on animals are systematic and WE CANNOT ALLOW ANIMAL ABUSE TO GO UNPUNISHED.



75% of the national territory still has regional animal protection laws anchored in the 90s. Progress is urgently needed. 

The more signatures we get, the closer we will be to the State Animal Protection Act that animals deserve >>>

Support our petition today and spread it. NOW OR NEVER!

We are against the amendment presented by the PSOE that leaves out of the animal protection law hunting dogs and other animals used in sports and professional activities.

We demand its withdrawal, Protect Animals

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