Purrfect love

Penelope my Purrfect love

It’s a cold, winter morning. You pull the covers up over your head and feel an extra warm spot in bed next to you. The cat is there again! She loves you so much that she wants to be near you all the time, even when it’s not cold outside. All you need is a few minutes of her purring right under your chin and snuggling into the crook of your arm.

Penelope Purrfect Love

These are all the wonderful heart-warming signs that your cat – Penelope in my case – adores you more than purrs can say…  how many sound familiar …?

Purrfect love

Purrfect love –  purring takes Penelope back to kittenhood when she would snuggle up to  Mum’s belly, all her kitten siblings purring away alongside her. If your Penelope purrs away when you are petting and stroking her, you know she is overjoyed at your attentions.  Turning furry bottoms towards your face are an almost irresistible invitation to sniff!

Knitting your clothes –  your initiation as a cat Mum (or Dad) is complete when Penelope kneads your legs and stomach to stimulate your milk flow.  This is the very first gesture of the newborn kitten and is always accompanied by purring.  Some cats will even begin to knead when they are lying down and you catch their eye…  what better sign of contentment?

Trust and Fondness

Running towards you – as you open the door, Penelope comes trotting towards you, tail raised high in greeting.  This is a sure sign of trust and fondness,  she welcomes you as one of the pride.  In Penelope’s eyes, you have just returned from a hunting trip and she wants to greet you … now, what smells interesting in that shopping bag …?

The Headbutt – Lions returning to the pride receive a joyous headbutt from their companions.  Lions and cats transmit pheromones to the faces, ankles, rear ends and hands of those they love.  Happy cats rubbing their faces and chins against you are reassuring ‘home’ signals … just be sure that you are not holding a full mug of hot tea when Penelope shoves your elbow…!

A Lap Cat – Penelope is not a natural lap cat (this is her right, and all cats are different…), but one or two of her house companions are.  In my home, three will attempt to balance a multi-moggie bundle on my legs, as I watch TV on the cold winter evenings.  Warming my hands and saving my fuel bills.

The slow blink –  in cat language the slow blink is a reassuring gesture of love and affection – you should try this at home and blink slowly back at your feline loved ones.

Give me Lovin’…! – lovingly devoted cats demand attention at any moment, most often when you are distracted on the phone or computer.  I know Penelope feels forgotten when she meows plaintively, tapping my hand and face.  It takes just a second to show love back, with a quick stroke and some words.

Cat Chat – male cats are particularly chatty, one of mine always answers back.. and has an opinion on everything.  The majority of my cat herd is silent… but kitten makes up for them on this score.  He is particularly vocal in his complaints when he has been left alone for some hours…  Many cat owners recognise from the tone exactly what their cat is telling them.

You need a wash – devoted cats will often lick your face to groom you, strengthing their bond to you and saving you a chore at the same time.  The grooming repertoire often includes gentle love bites, which cats give to each other and to you, to convey love and affection.

Belly up – rolling over and showing you a belly shows security and trust.   The belly is a sensitive and vulnerable area, and many cats dislike their bellies being touched.

Being followed – you know you are the best source of entertainment when your curious cat follows you around everywhere.  Your inquisitive cat needs to be involved and help you in everything.

Presents – owners of outdoor cats know the joy of being gifted with a dead or live mouse or bird, at their feet or on the doorstep.  Many cats feel great pride in regaling you with their hunting trophy.

Every cat in your house herd is an individual, and each has its special way of showing its devoted love to you – whether through body language, gestures or chirpy chat.  Always try to nurture this special bond, with friendly communication with your best friend.

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