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Emotional Needs of the Cat

Domestication means that cats are reliant on their owners to care for their emotional wellbeing. Your cat’s emotional needs are based on their personality, age and lifestyle.
Every cat has a unique personality and temperament. By understanding the cat’s emotional needs, the owner helps the cat to live a fulfilling life and form a close bond.

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Adorable Kittens that are simply Lovely

Little Kittens The first two weeks of life are vital to new-born adorable little kittens. It receives essential life-giving nutrients from the mother’s milk. These act to fortify the defences, and provide a crucial safeguard against certain illnesses. In addition, the small kitten is unable to pass stools or urine without the aid of the

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Joyous Senior Cats

Senior Cats can become Very Old These days, senior cats live well into their twenties or even thirties.  This is mainly due to advances in optimum nutrition, cat care and careful home care.  Cats are elderly at 11 years, but the real senior years or super-senior years start at the age of 15. From the

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Feeding Cats

Feeding Cats Feeding cats looks straightforward. There are countless choices in supermarkets, vet clinics, and pet stores. To bring out the best in the cat, it is important to make a careful choice. Many foods are formulated for the life stage of the cat, whether sterilised, lifestyle and any health issues, such as obesity or

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Blog of the Domestic Cat

Our Continental Cat Blog Our continental cat blog is full of information about the cats we foster, the cats we love and stories about our cats. We hope you enjoy reading our site and welcome you to contact us for any queries you might have. We dedicate a lot of time to our cats but

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